Core beliefs that transcend throughout the culture of our brokers.

We have a very high standard when it comes to taking on new brokers or new teams. We would love to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a career opportunity. Ultimately we look forward to working beside you to determine if a partnership will be a good fit moving forward!

Innovative Leadership

Innovative Financial Group Inc. is devoted to the utmost standard of integrity. We believe this commitment is fundamental to the success of our business, as it furnishes our clients’ value and financial security.

Innovative Financial Group Inc. seeks to be known for extraordinary customer service. Through our dedicated service, we desire to formulate lasting relationships with our clients that are built on trust, loyalty and ongoing support.

Innovative Financial Group Inc. is dedicated to excellence in every area of its corporate existence. We are committed to providing the very best products and services the industry has to offer.

Innovative Financial Group Inc. recognizes the importance of working as a team. In order to succeed in a brokerage capacity, it is imperative that we operate in an unselfish and cooperative fashion.

Join Our Team

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Partnering with IFG empowers agents to build their own brand under our brokerage. We provide the resources below to aid you in your success. We believe in a systematic and duplicate approach to building business, which is why we are able to replicate these results time and time again.

What we provide for our agents?

In addition to the things below, we provide a second family for our agents. We provide a safe space for agents to get help, grow, and be the best agent they can be. Work with a company you are proud to represent and is proud to represent you. We provide nothing but support and encouragement for our team. After all, a team builds one another up, not tear them down.

We are one of the few brokerages that own multiple lead generation companies. Exclusive leads are scarce in the financial industry. With most lead vendors selling the same lead to multiple agents or reselling old leads to fill an order, this creates issues for agents and the brokerage alike. To solve this problem we run our own lead generation companies so that our partners are guaranteed exclusive leads.

Our goal is to provide a level of support that is far beyond what a new broker would expect. From training to strategizing income goals or business development, we have mastered each aspect of this business and are highly vested in your success. We invest an extraordinary amount of time developing our partners. You will be personally mentored by the best in the business.

We have developed a proprietary online training platform from scratch that gives you the ability to train remotely anywhere in the United States. Our custom training site eliminates the need to create a system from scratch. We are doing the work for you. This platform is exclusively for our agents and not available anywhere else.

There is a reason this is listed last. We do not entertain “Comp-Hunters.”

While we do offer some of the most competitive compensation in the industry, we believe that compensation is not the most important factor in a new brokers success. As a result of intensive training, solid leads, and consistent work, compensation will result.

We believe our brokers work tirelessly and should get the most off of each client they help. Our compensation is far beyond “fair” in the eyes of our brokers. Our lower producing brokers still make well over a 6-figure income, while our top brokers make over $300k a year, consistently off of their own pen. While continuously working hard, we still support a work-life balance and encourage all brokers to prioritize what’s right for them.

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